Drum roll…….

Now we are talking. Walls, floor (sort of) and a roof. Notice I didn’t say windows. We will be encountering a delay on that front as the plans needed changing to factor in a change from wooden to woodgrain U-PVC. Anything that mentions ‘changing the Plans’ involves a lengthy delay, lots (and lots) of forms, oh and of course, money . Always money. Watch this space !

That said, there is no denying now that its progressing. My fantastic ‘new’ old slates look great and I’m super pleased to have reused such a valuable Welsh asset. Luck was with me the day I found those.

Welsh Slate

Slate Roof

Remember the Sneak Peak in the last posting? Now a more advanced look of how the view over to Snowdonia will be ‘framed’.

Room with a view

Snowdonia View (on a clear day!)

Room with a view
Side View

Meanwhile the garden….. what garden……

Mud Garden

We had a bit of ‘oops’ moment with the treatment plant, (septic tank) to you and me. Nothing major but the garden has suffered as a result of the machine work and the digging that was needed to instal the humongous tank.. It will mend with Mother Natures help and a little bit of landscaping. Now buried in its correct position in the adjoining field , its tank, which tank?

Tŷ Chi

Hopefully the windows situation can soon be resolved and then the building can be made water tight. As things progress decisions now have to be made about the internal finished look. With limited wall space the choice of underfloor heating removes the need for any radiators thankfully. I pondered over the choice of floor covering – there are so many choices now from real wood, laminate, tiles etc. In the end tiling it is, hopefully making it user friendly and also robust. The wonderful County Tiles in Holyhead have been amazing with their wealth of knowledge, advice and also offer a great selection of products. Whilst we sometimes dive for internet shopping, that local, personal touch can be invaluable.

Another choice to make is the kitchen. That box has also been ‘ticked’ now. More on that next time. Onwards and upwards!

Do I, don’t I…..?


On a good day it was, “YES”, on a bad day (and there were many!) it was a resolute NO!

Thankfully good won over bad and I have taken the plunge.

I will be sharing ‘my little piece of heaven’ with anyone that wants to spend a little time here on Ynys Môn (Isle of Anglesey), experience the wonderful natural surroundings of Newborough and just generally, chill out.

My rickety old outbuildings are ‘soon’ to become a bolt hole for those who want to get away from it all and holiday here on Anglesey. A degree of imagination is required please.

Outbuildings as they were
Well, well, well.