Well I’m still here and more importantly so is Tŷ Chi.

The build has been ticking along nicely and whilst we won’t win any races, all is well. Life events take priority and whilst we have had a Huge one in the past six weeks – it really does put everything into perspective.

Hope, Thanks and New Beginings

Back to business- windows – tick. (only a tiny peak for now 😉)

The view through the square window…….

Easy exit to the garden.

Getting alternative windows has severly set back the completion date but maybe everything happens for a reason.

Once the building became water tight it really felt as if things were progressing. The last window to go in has changed the dymamic of the property and I’m more than a little pleased with the result. What do you think….? PS. Anyone know a good window cleaner?

Glass wall at Tŷ Chi.

Further delay was caused by the dreaded ‘Sprinklers’. The Welsh Assembley Government passed legislation in 2016 that ensures that every new residential build in Wales now requires sprinkler coverage. The principal is laudable however practical application is ill thought out and, in my opinion, one that will severely restrict residential contruction initiatives in Wales.

Off my soap box and back to decisions – (not my strongest point where any form of design vision is called for!).
Creating an useable space from a restricted area can be ‘challenging’ and modern day living has high demands. Two foot thick walls add character but likewise severely restrict space and finding the right balance is often difficult. I wanted to retain some character from the stone outbuildings whilst creating something more modern and contemporary. Cost has a huge implication – it definately costs more to renovate than it does to start from scratch!

Remains of the old fireplace.

From the outset the plan was always to create two bedrooms with en suite facilities. Whilst the available space looks ample with bare walls exposed, the expanse of insulation totally changes the perspective. Being a ‘feet and inches ‘ type of person I soon became accustomed to the mysteries of cm and ‘mills’! Needless to say it all appears to have found a space without too much drama. Transformation from insulated space to tiled bathroom was a vision.

Bathroom to be.

With wall space in the cottage being precious we decided that underfloor heating would be the best choice. The recent blistering summer has shown exactly how much heat the cottage retains so it remains to be seen exactly how often the heating will be used!

Underfloor Heating

Of course we may still get an ‘extreme’ winter so of course the essential woodburner will be installed but not quite there yet. More decisions (and cost !)

Talking of costs – one of my least expensive purchases so far is my favourite. Door handles! I absolutely Love these beautiful items.

Handmade Oak Door Handles

It gets better ……..

Oak Latch

Sorry, I couldn’t resist this one…….

A touch of craft with a touch of contemporary was the aim for the project and I eagerly await some more handmade finishing touches made by a local craftsman, using locally sourced materials. One in so far, more to follow.

‘A’ Frame

The kitchen however is 100% contemporary, modern and hopefully easy to clean but of course with a quirky touch!

Nearly there now.

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