Parish Stone

Progress is, as glorious as the Anglesey sunshine and there has been lots!

First of many drains
Bathroom drains.

A lot of the hard work of any build goes unseen, no less important, nonetheless. I wasn’t quite prepared for the need for decision making at this early stage. What needs to go where etc but luckily my excellent builders, (A K Developments) have been fantastic.

Lucky for me, the foundations of these old stone buildings were very secure. How did we know? Anne, my good friend and self appointed project manager (in my abscence), did the hard work for the structural engineer to work his magic with his calculations. A bit of ‘simple’ maths later and it was confirmed that the very solid foundations were good to withstand another few hundred years!

Digging deep

Once it was confirmed that the building wasn’t going to fall down around us it was another green light. Each ‘tick’ a relief and a milestone. So far so good…

Yet more Ivy

I mentioned progress, well with every day comes visible changes. Exciting for the future journey into the unknown but always tinged with a tiny bit of sadness as history was lost. Ah well, moving on swiftly….

Building blocks
New ‘History’ In Creation

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